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Company’s Philosophy on Code of Governance

Firstobject’s philosophy on corporate governance envisages the attainment of the highest levels of transparency, accountability and equity, in all facets of its operations, and in all its interactions with its Shareholders, Employees, and the Government.

Firstobject Technologies Ltd. believes that all its operations and actions must serve the underlying goal of enhancing overall Shareholder value, over a sustained period of time.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Firstobject Technologies has throughout its history developed corporate governance practices to fulfill its responsibility to its stockholders. The composition and activities of the Company’s Board of Directors, the approach to public disclosure and the availability of ethics and business conduct resources for employees exemplifies the Company’s commitment to good corporate governance practices, including compliances with new standards.

Governance Guidelines and Committee Charters

The Board has adopted corporate and committee guidelines to help ensure it have the necessary authority and procedures in place to oversee the work of management and to exercise independence in evaluating Firstobject’s operations. These guidelines allow the Board to align the interests of directors and management with those of Firstobject Technologies stockholders.

All guidelines are subject to future refinement or changes as the Board may find necessary or advisable for Firstobject Technologies, in order to achieve the above objectives.

Firstobject Technologies continually applies good corporate governance principles to multiple areas of the Company. In addition to these guidelines, Firstobject Technologies has had a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct since its incepti